Learning Sessions

The Romans in Chester

Explore the secrets of life in Roman Chester.  A Roman visit includes:

•our recently expanded interactive session, with a wide range of hands-on activities designed to bring Roman Chester to life and explore the work of archaeologists in uncovering the past

•a self-led visit to the museum’s extensive and newly redisplayed Roman galleries, delving into the stories of the people of Roman Chester

•a tour of the city, marching with the Roman soldier, who will show you around his fortress home (delivered by our partner Roman Tours UK)

Life in a Tudor City

Available as special event weeks through the year.  Dates in 2013-14 school year to be announced soon.

Explore life in Tudor Chester in the inspiring venue of Chester Cathedral.  Activities include a hands-on workshop using replica objects and costume, an interactive session in the Cathedral’s consistory court and a city walk.

The Victorians at Home

Discover the lives of the children of Number 20 Castle Street, our authentic Victorian home.  Choose three of the following four options:

•explore Victorian home life by examining original and replica artefacts in our hands-on session

•visit Number 20 with Mrs Nutting, the Housekeeper, and help her with the daily chores

•take a tour of the city to discover the grandeur of 19th century Chester

•visit Number 20 and peek into our recreated Victorian rooms to help uncover daily life in a Victorian home (self-led)

WW2 and the Home Front

Learn about the lives of children on the Home Front through a joint day with Cheshire Military Museum (5 minutes walk away).  Prepare for air raids and evacuation with gas masks and warning sirens, then learn the skills of ‘Make Do and Mend’ and how to live with rationing.

Toys through Time

An interactive session where children can explore original and replica toys from 2000 years of history.  Compare toys from different time periods; think about what they are made from and who might have played with them in the past.  This hour-long session is suitable for FS and KS1.

Talking Pictures (Supports Literacy)

One of the paintings in the Art Gallery has been stolen!  Investigate the crime scene and interview the witnesses.  Use props and costumes to ‘investigate’ the mystery.  This session is designed to stimulate ideas for non-fiction writing.

Morris and the Lost Button - Special Session for EYFS

Hear the tale of Morris the Mouse, who lives in the museum.  Explore what life was like in an old home through hands-on activities and a trail around the galleries.  This half-day visit is suitable for EY (age 3+) and FS.


Specialist Sessions for KS3/KS4

Sessions for KS3 and KS4 can be delivered at the museum or in your school.

Investigating Sources

Develop your historical enquiry skills as you investigate primary and secondary sources through four fun, period-linked activities.

Medicine and Health through Time

Use objects to develop your source enquiry skills and to explore and compare ideas about medicine and health in three different time periods (Roman, Tudor/Stuart and Victorian/20th Century).

The River Dee Project (History/Geography)

Discover the history of the River Dee and how it has shaped the lives of people in Chester from Roman times to the present day in a series of four linked sessions, suitable for after-school clubs.  Objects, maps and activities explore the way people have lived in the city over the past 2000 years.  A tour of the city and river is an optional fifth session.