The learning opportunities offered by the Grosvenor Museum are designed to tell the stories of objects in a way that engages and inspires visitors of all ages. Our unique collection of real and replica objects spans more than 2000 years of history.

We work with schools, early years, families, special interest groups, students, overseas visitors, and other lifelong Learners. We aim to ensure that visitors enjoy using evidence to explore the past.

School Visits

Our Learning Offer uses objects from our collection to tell stories of the past.

Creative activities develop Speaking and Listening skills using history as the main area of study.  A cross-curricular approach to learning develops the potential for pre-and post-visit work.  You can find out more about our Learning Sessions and School Resources, as well as how to plan your visit.

We work in our building and out of it and are always happy to discuss customised sessions.

You can contact the Education Team at [email protected]


Students should be divided into groups of 10–15 pupils for ease of movement around the building and each group should be accompanied by a supervisor.

Group Visits

We are very happy to arrange 30 minute guided tours of the museum for groups.

Booking Visits and Tours

Please book your visit with: Lorna Kernahan on 01244 972120 or [email protected]